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Feb 1, 2018

We open by discussing Geoff Cameron's NY Times interview with Marc Stein, which you can read here:

Then, we answer some listener questions:

6:19 — Will the 2020 Copa America really be called Copa America Centenario?

10:15 — WARNING! POLITICS! Are there similarities between Eric Wynalda's US Soccer presidential campaign and Donald Trump's 2016 campaign? DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PART IF YOU DO NOT WANT POLITICS IN YOUR SOCCER PODCASTS

17:40 — Howler magazine segment! We discuss Maggie Merten's article profiling Crystal Dunn and Heather O'Reilly's time with Chelsea and Arsenal. To subscribe to Howler, go to and use code "TSS14" for a 20% discount on a one-year subscription.

24:25 — Is it better to support a team that's winning in the second division or losing in first division?

31:20 — How does the US Soccer presidential election work? What happens if no candidate gets a majority in first round of voting?

37:15 — TSS Scouting Network updates, including English wonderkids, poems, Jamaican superstars and more.

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