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Nov 17, 2017

We open the show by discussing the news about the CONCACAF Nations League. That's literally the first 18 minutes of the show. Did we go long? Maybe, yes, but we definitely got into some detail.

18:40 — Today's show is sponsored It's free-to-play fantasy soccer where you pick five teams and win points based on how many goals they score and concede. Give it a go this weekend! 

21:38 — What's the best technique to block a shot?

24:09 — What would Taylor and Daryl's soccer career Wikipedia pages say?

29:03 — What's the definition of a soccer generation? What makes a golden generation?

33:08 — When did goalkeepers come about and how did the penalty are develop?

36:58 — What's the ideal length of tenure for an international manager?

40:03 — Today's show is sponsored by FUTCHI, which makes a great soccer gift. Go to and use "TSS2017" to get $20.17 off the (already discounted for Christmas) price.

43:00 — What if the MLS schedule was shortened to half a year? (Hear us out on this, it gets interesting)

51:08 — Take the USMNT XI that faced Portugal and ... which of the old guard do you add back in?

56:47 — How will the USMNT evolve between now and 2022?

1:05:19 — Updates from the TSS Scouting Network, featuring Ryan Sessegnon, Alex Iwobi, Reiss Nelson, Pione Sisto, Blake Bodily.