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Jan 4, 2018

On today's episode, we answer your listener questions...

1:29 - Why does the Premier League play 3 matches for each team around Christmas/New Year's when other leagues take a break?

10:13 - If we had 2 pages in National Geographic to present a map or infographic about the World Cup, what would we make it about?

If you want to submit your own idea to National Geographic, head on over to:

19:32 - What exactly is a Young Designated Player in MLS and how does it differ from a normal DP?

24:07 - Reviewing the excellent piece in the new issue of Howler Magazine about the USA's failure to qualify for the World Cup and the (many, many) factors that led to The Recent Unpleasantness. 

If you're interested in a subscription to Howler Magazine, go to and use the code "TSS14" to get 20% off!

30:24 - Today's news (quick hits): Keane to Wolves, Benny to LAFC, DC United's home opener is in mid-July, and the new USMNT roster will be announced Monday.

39:32 - If pro/rel were instituted, could a more open system mean a loss in geographic diversity, specifically in the top flight?

45:53 - What do they teach in the Pro License sessions that is so valuable for managers who already have lots of experience?

49:34 - Updating the TSS Scouting Network.