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Jan 22, 2018

On January 18, we collaborated with Howler magazine to host a live show at Jose Pistola's bar in Philadelphia.

George Quraishi of Howler M.C.'d the event and our guests were USMNT legends Alexi Lalas and Tab Ramos. We talked all things US Soccer, from what we'd do on our first day as US Soccer president to Tab Ramos explaining the US Soccer YNT style of play he's been implementing these past few years.

We close the show by playing a couple rounds of the Wikipedia Game with the brilliant Brooks Peck of Dirty Tackle, who probably deserves to be in the title of this show but also has not yet played for the USMNT.

George did a lot of the legwork and logistics in putting this event together. If you'd like to support what he's doing and subscribe to Howler, go to — you can also get 20% off (and support TSS at same time!) by using discount code TSS14 at checkout.

Also, everyone at Jose Pistola's bar was great. They went above and beyond for us, so if you're in Philly then you should DEFINITELY visit them for dinner and drinks. It's on 263 S. 15th Street and the website is