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Mar 2, 2018

We break down all of the terminology (esoteric and otherwise) relating to Major League Soccer... and yes, we consider this a public service. Topics discussed include:

1) Single entity and how it kind of impacts every aspect of Major League Soccer.

2) Salary cap (is this actually a thing that exists?)

3) Designated Players and Young DPs

4) Homegrown players (what are they and who counts as one)

5) Generation ADIDAS and all the confusing history there

6) International roster spots and the immigration process

7) Special Discovery Players: this is definitely a thing, right?

8) What is the re-entry draft and who gets thrown in there?

9) Why did DC United pay money to Atlanta for Yamil Asad?

10) What triggers VAR?

All that and much, much more! Plus, there's the Scouting Network and  (relatively) brief rant about the speculation surrounding the 2026 World Cup. 

My head still hurts. Thanks MLS!

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