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May 9, 2018

Daryl and Taylor discuss Southampton's victory over Swansea, West Brom's relegation, and Wayne Rooney's rumored move to DC United.

They then do their best to answer 5 listener questions:

1) What changes take place within a club when they are relegated from the Premier League to the Championship?

2) Is the relationship Canada has with the US soccer pyramid a net-positive or a net-negative for soccer development in the United States? What about for Canada?

3) Why does Josef Martinez stand offside and is it a good tactic?

4) Which nations outside of South America and Europe are candidates to make a surprise run in the World Cup? Which players are candidates to burst onto the scene and get a big transfer?

5) Why have the USWNT been so much more successful than the USMNT? Is the youth system any different?


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