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Feb 10, 2018

The President is gone. All hail the President. 

With Carlos Cordeiro now the head of the United States Soccer Federation, Daryl and Taylor take a look at all the events of Election Day in Orlando.

To do so, we were joined by Howler Magazine's George Quraishi to get the (more or less) instant reaction to Cordeiro's victory. George clues us in to the mood in the room, the politicking that happened between votes, and the deliciousness of his giant cookie.

After that, we spoke with Alexi Lalas, who provided insight into how Cordeiro was able to sway the Athlete's Council, what was going on with Eric Wynalda's final speech, and why the "Change Candidates" couldn't pull it together in the end.

Lastly, Daryl and Taylor give their thoughts on how Cordeiro played the game to get the win, what his major short-term goals will be, and what the future holds for the defeated candidates. We also discuss further what Cordeiro did to get the athlete block on his side, which was the start of his electoral victory.


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