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Jan 23, 2018

Really big show today. Two hours big. So hold on to your butts.

We open by discussing the revelations regarding Jonathan Gonzalez, which aired on the Max and Herc podcast. We also encourage you to find that show and listen to it for more info.

At 11:24, we get to the main event. A review of the US Soccer Presidential Forum event, hosted by the US Youth Soccer Council in Philadelphia on Saturday, January 20.

We explain how the forum worked and give some rough details about how the actual vote for US Soccer President will work when Feb 10 rolls around. After that, we go through candidate by candidate.

Here are you timestamps:

17:15 — Hope Solo

29:25 — Kyle Martino

39:51 — Steve Gans

49:05 — Kathy Carter

1:03:30 — Michael Winograd

1:13:07 — Eric Wynalda

1:26:02 — Paul Caligiuri

1:34:17 — Carlos Cordeiro

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