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Dec 17, 2018

Taylor calls up Daryl, currently somewhere in England, to discuss some moments from this weekend's action. Disclaimer: we don't really get into Liverpool's emphatic win over Manchester United, as our guest on Tuesday dives a little deeper into the proceedings at Anfield. Instead...

0:00 - Wolverhampton continuing to win: what they got right against Bournemouth and what Daryl's wife Shannon got wrong when it came to cheering.

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13:05 - Southampton surprise Unai Emery and Arsenal: should the Gunners look to the January window to shore up their defense?

24:23 - Sargent gets minutes and Pulisic kinda does too as Dortmund (and their set piece wizardry) get the better of Werder Bremen.

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34:40 - Champions League Round of 16: what games to watch and what to watch for. We've got you covered!