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Dec 30, 2010

In the final episode of 2010, Josh, Daryl, and Taylor (Albert continues his North Carolina tour) gathered in studio to finish up their year in review. Topics discussed include USA Player of the Year, Most Interesting Off-Field Story, Most Notable Retirement or Death (a bit broad there, I know), Best Save/Defensive Play,...

Dec 23, 2010

With Albert somewhere in North Carolina, it was left to Daryl, Taylor, and Josh to conduct Part 1 of their "Year in Review", with topics including 1) Player of the Year, 2) Breakout Player of the Year, 3) Best Signing, 4) Worst Signing, and 5) Team of the Year. There's also a few extra bits at the end and a solid battle...

Dec 20, 2010

Our game of the week was going to be Chelsea vs Manchester United. But then it snowed. So instead we watched Michael Bradley's Borussia Moenchengladbach lose 2-1 at home to Hamburg in the Bundesliga, paying particular attention to the US midfielder's performance. 

Dec 16, 2010

We take a look at how American players are faring in Europe so far this season. The four of us take a position each (keepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards) and give our Best American Abroad so far this season, Worst American Abroad so far this season and our best Best U-23 Abroad. And by "Abroad" we mean...

Dec 13, 2010

Our game of the week is the College Cup, where Akron beat Louisville 1-0, our back-up game is Spurs 1-1 Chelsea, and we close with soon-to-be world famous Wikipedia Game. Download, listen, tell a friend.