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Apr 19, 2019

We open by explaining MLS' decision regarding training compensation and solidarity payments.

Then, listener questions! Timestamps below:

10:30 — What are the best soccer movies?

Since George Best won in 1968, there has been only one Ballon d’Or winner to play for an English side (Michael Owen, 2001). Why do you think this is?

23:15 — How many kids on a team is too many?

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32:07 — Which of these is most and least likely to happen in the US in the next 10 years: pro/rel, MLS switch to European schedule, college soccer switch to full spring and fall seasons.

43:05 — If we were to create a European SuperLeague, who would be in it?

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1:00:10 — What is going on with the Chicago Fire?

1:10:50 — Updated from the TSS Scouting Network


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