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Mar 14, 2019

New format alert! For today's show, we're breaking the episode into 3 segments. 

1:46 - Part the First: Will Parchman discusses how Alphonso Davies, Tyler Adams and other young American exports have affected the valuation of MLS players on the global market.

13:38 - Part the Second: Daryl Grove is in studio to do some ad reads and answer a doozy of a listener question: if the Premier League got rid of promotion and relegation, which 20 teams would be selected to make up The New EPL.

42:05 - Part the Third: Will returns to analyze what MLS teams can do to improve their youth operations this season, as well as give his thoughts on Gregg Berhalter's most recent roster. Also, Taylor briefly goes insane and thinks he hears dogs on the phone. So, there's that?

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