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Feb 23, 2017

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show...

0:00 - Leicester City fire Claudio Ranieri: our instant reaction.

10:00 - Updating some of the terms from our Soccer Terminology 202 show.

13:17 - Manchester City v Monaco: Why were there so many goals?

For those curious, here's the link to the tactical analysis site we mentioned:

30:58 - Sevilla v Leicester City: Sevilla exploits a fragmented Leicester.

40:10 - FC Porto v Juventus: Allegri is the man.

44:08 - Bayer Leverkusen v Atletico Madrid: a rough night for Bayer's defense.

47:50 - Today's show is sponsored by SeatGeek. Download the (excellent) SeatGeek app and enter promo code TSS in the settings tab for a $20 rebate.

49:52 - Updating the TSS Scouting Network!