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Jul 23, 2018

We're back in studio and we've got listener questions to answer! 

1) If you had to pick right now, who would be your favorites to win the 2019 Copa America, Euro 2020, and 2022 World Cup?

2) Why is Great Britain broken up into England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland for the World Cup but not for the Olympics?

3) Assume for a second that instead of Juventus, Ronaldo came to MLS. What would his impact be on the field? Could he improve his team anymore than say, Zlatan?

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4) For the 2026 World Cup, should Fox consider talking to NBC and ESPN and possibly BeIN and trying to "loan" better announcers or analysts?

5) What are the primary differences among the 10, 8 and false 9 roles?

6) If FIFA had implemented an "unlimited substitutions" rule for the 2018 World Cup, meaning a coach could sub in and out the same player as many times in a match as he wanted, which team would have benefited the most?

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7) What's the difference between a volley and a half-volley?

8) When a player gets injured and needs treatment why do the medical staff who come onto the field wear soccer boot/cleats?  Wouldn’t a pair of regular tennis shoes suffice?

9)  If national teams could somehow trade players, which trade would be the most impactful and beneficial for both counties?