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Feb 22, 2017

In the next edition of our new series, we offer up explanations of common but confusing soccer terminology. The phrases we explain on today's show (with timestamps) ...

1:39 - Trequartista: did you know that that's how it's spelled? Taylor didn't!

7:25 - Libero: how can a sweeper be free?

12:16 - Catenaccio: more than just resolute defending.

18:44 - Today's sponsor is brought to you by Audible! Visit for a free audiobook.

20:13 - Trivela: What is it exactly and how did it (maybe) get its name?

24:26 - Panenka: The Origins and Techniques.

32:11 - Rabona: Who did it first and therefore gets naming rights?


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Got soccer phrases you want to know about? Here's the Google form where we're collecting suggestions for Soccer Terminology 202: