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Jan 25, 2018

We discuss Alexis Sanchez's piano playing abilities, the US Wational Team's 5-1 thumping of Denmark, and the situation with the Boston Breakers.

Then we answer your listener questions, including:

1) Will the UEFA Nations League prevent dual nationals from playing for the USA (we took this as an opportunity to have a fairly lively discourse about the competition as a whole). It basically boils down to "greatest thing ever" or "okayest thing ever?"

2) Should the US Mational Team focus more on theoretically qualifying for the Olympics or theoretically competing in the possible future iteration of the Copa America Centenario (plus four).

3) What is form and when does a player go from very good to world class, and vice versa?

4) How would the game change if we used the NBA's substitution rules?

Plus, we have many, many reports in the TSS Scouting Network.


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