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Apr 19, 2019

We answer eight listener questions, each at last as glorious as thel last. Here are your timestamps ...

1:40 — Why does the USSF charge such high prices for USMNT matches when they could lower prices and sell more tickets?

8:30 — Since George Best won in 1968, there has been only one Ballon d’Or winner to play for an English side (Michael Owen, 2001). Why do you think this is?

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18:45 — If you could pick anyone to be your team's coach who would you choose and why?

25:55 — If the US was still part of the British Empire, which US soccer players, male or female, would be knighted or made a dame?

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33:07 — How Taylor eats gingerbread men

33:49 — At the professional level, why is the field watered before matches begin?

37:05 — How were the number of Champions League qualifiers (from each league) established and do any leagues have too many or too few?

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47:15 — It seems like the USMNT has a really strong youth pipeline right now. Should we expect a historically good USMNT in a few years?

54:25 — Do players worry about getting hurt in goal celebrations?

58:55 — Updates from the Scouting Network


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