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Jun 16, 2019

We review the four World Cup games from the weekend...

:36 - USA v Chile

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26:07 - Netherlands v Cameroon

36:39 - Canada v New Zealand

42:32 - Sweden v Thailand

Jun 15, 2019

We review three games and then preview USWNT vs Chile with Caitlin Murray.


1:25 — England vs Argentina

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21:15 — Japan vs Scotland

29:15 — Jamaica vs Italy

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Jun 14, 2019

We review that barnstorming Australia v Brazil game in detail, take a quick look at China v South Africa, and then answer five listener questions.


1:35 — Australia v Brazil review

Here's a link to the IFAB website, which features a link to download the Laws of the Game: 


Jun 14, 2019

We review the Kickers' 0-0 draw with FC Tucson and look ahead to this Saturday's home game against Chattanooga Red Wolves

Jun 12, 2019

No spoilers in the title! Daryl and Taylor review...

0:00 - Nigeria v Korea and ponder a possible handball

13:13 - Germany v Spain and ponder a possible red card

27:16 - France v Norway and ponder a definite penalty


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