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Aug 18, 2017

BUMPER episode of Total Soccer Show today.

We open with some transfer updates — Coutinho, Sanchez, Gylfi and vin Dijk, then discuss the Premier League proposal to close the window before the season begins.

We salute FC Cincinnati's Open Cup run with a brief chat, then it's on to listener questions:

Does Paulinho to Barcelona prove the Chinese Super League is not just a retirement league?

Why are teams from the former East Germany less successful?

Why don't we hear more about PEDs in soccer?

Quick break for scouting reports!

MUSCIAL INTERLUDE: "My Three Favorite Words" by Luke Tourville

What's the acceptable gap between divisions to support more than one team?

What does "advantage" mean? And how do we know when it's happened?

What teams have the best youth systems in the world?


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