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Apr 29, 2010

The boys take a break from previewing the World Cup to attempt to raise money for the radio station that allows them to spend way too much time recording a socccer show. They also take a look down memory lane and discuss their favorite World Cup memories, least favorite memories, and all-time favorite games. As always,...

Apr 22, 2010

Four men, four teams. World Cup 2010 Group F (Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay and Slovakia) is previewed, as we weigh up what each team has to offer and attempt to determine which two will progress. Warning: features a dramatic finale. Not recommended for those of a nervous disposition.

Apr 15, 2010

This week, the boys are in studio to once again put their points system to the test and decide which two teams from World Cup Group E (Cameroon, Denmark, Japan, and Netherlands) will progress to the knockout rounds. If that's not enough, then I can offer the following: The Asian Jose Mourinho, A Geriatric Goal...

Apr 15, 2010

Another episode of Total Football Soccer Show Plus, in which we discuss the US national team in a rather casual way. European vs US diets are compared, Albert shares an intriguing analogy about goalscoring, and we start an unfouded rumor about a Barack Obama inspired Brian McBride international comeback. Last but...

Apr 8, 2010

Daryl, Albert, Taylor and Josh (that's your four co-hosts in ascending order of how excited they are for the baseball season) preview World Cup 2010 Group D, which consists of Germany, Serbia, Ghana and Australia.