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May 9, 2012

We preview Euro 2012 Group B using the patented Total Soccer Show scientific method. Each co-host represents and argues for either Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands or Germany, then we award points in each category to see who wins the group.

Apr 30, 2012

We preview Euro 2012 Group A—Poland, Greece, Russia and the Czech Republic—using the patented Total Soccer Show scientific method.

Each co-host makes an argument for their team to win the group, and we decide by popular vote.

Feb 16, 2012

With Daryl gone to sort out his beloved Wolves, Albert, Josh, and Peyton took to the studio to discuss the return of the Champions League.  What is our favorite non-Liverpool moment from the competition?  Who do we see winning the whole thing?  Are we hypocrites?

Also on the show: Donovan leaves Everton, Africa crowns...

Dec 5, 2011

We review the performances of Danny Williams and Fabian Johnson in Hoffenheim's game away to Bayer Leverkusen, we also give our reactions to the Euro 2012 draw, discuss American v European announcers, how Major League Soccer DPs count against salary caps, and play some Germans in England-themed Wikipedia Game....

Nov 2, 2011

We pick our soccer team of the '60s. Position by position we each name our choice, then argue it out until we have eleven footballers who represent the best possible team of the decade.