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Apr 2, 2019

We answer eight listener questions! Timestamps below:

1:40 — Would US Soccer benefit from having a national training center and stadium?

8:08 — If the USMNT brought two youth dual-nationals to the Gold Cup, who should they be?

16:40 — In what American city would you choose live if you based your decision on that city's soccer culture?

26:50 — If you could go back in time to watch any player, who would it be?

34:13 — What makes Harry Kane so good?

42:25 — Why do we use throw-ins? Why not kick-ins instead?

49:59 — What has to happen for England to get a 5th automatic Champions League qualification spot?

53:15 — Could a full England U20 team play in the Premier League and not get relegated?

56:10 — Updates from the TSS Scouting Network


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