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May 27, 2010

Bob Bradley named his USA World Cup roster on Wednesday, so the boys discuss the 23 names position by position, and try to work out how the words Robbie and Findley got on there.

There's also an interview with Leigh Cowlishaw, head coach and director of soccer for USL2's Richmond Kickers. Coach Cowlishaw talks about World Cup bound ex-Kicker Tim Brown and reveals where his own USA vs England loyalties lie.

This is an extended version of the show broadcast on WRIR Thursday May 27th, with a good 20 minutes of extra USA related discussion and several jokes that we couldn't air on the radio. Not so much because they were rude. More that they just weren't very funny. Enjoy!

Last but not least, the four of us will be at the USA vs Turkey friendly in Philadelphia this Saturday May 29th, so if anyone is interested in meeting up then please email us at soccer[at]wrir[dot]org